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Excel CoolCoat - Water Based Cool Roof Paint

EXCEL CoolCoat® is a water based, high solids, PUD hybrid, Summer Cool Roof Paint. EXCEL CoolCoat® contains both reflection and nano insulation pigments for best in class heat protection. Along with it, the adhesion enhancer & Nano UV protectors prevent the coating from UV degradation delivering excellent weatherability and longer service life. EXCEL CoolCoat® cool roof paint is powered with micro-fibres for excellent water proofing & crack resistance.

Can be applied on any types of surface like RCC (flat/slope), Tiled, Metal sheet, Asbestos sheet, colour coated metal sheet, Side walls etc.

    Double action: prevents the roof from getting heated up even in harsh and dusty conditions. Resulting in cooler interiors even during peak summer.
    Prevents degradation of coating due to UV rays, resulting in long service life & excellent weatherability.
    Provides effective water proofing property along with excellent crack resistance.
    Contains no solvents, very high SRI, ultra low VOC, GREEN manufacturing process, GRIHA Certified.
    Energy Saving Paint-Prevents the building from getting heated up thus resulting in reduces cooling load up to 30%.
    Low cost - No Recurring maintenance - dust proof - water proof - fungus & mold resistant. Roof looks bright & new with all these advantages.
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Key Differences

Normally reflective coating contains only reflective pigments which works on the basis of reflection. In the current scenario carbon & fine dust settling is very high, which when settles over the coated surface spoils the reflectivity of the coating. Thus the coating fails & desired performance is not achieved. To prevent this failure, It contains high performance Nano-insulating material to efficiently protect heat from entering inside.

It contains high end Nano UV protectors which protects the coating from aging & degrading within few years.

It contains addition enhancers which provides excellent addition property across variety of surfaces.

It contains reinforced microfibers for excellent waterproofing & crack resistance.

It is time tested, field proven & highest exported Heat Reflective Coating from India.

Properties of Excel CoolCoat® - Cool Roof Paint

Heat Reflective Coating in Coimbatore

Nano UI protectors provide excellent UV protection & longer service life.

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The reflection & insulation technology provides excellent thermal barrier. Up to 30% power saving can be noted in humidification and air-conditioning areas.

Cool Roof Paint in Coimbatore

The UV cross-linking polymer and UV protectors provide and excellent tough & durable protective membrane.

Cool Roof Coatings in Coimbatore

Contain no solvent, cleans up water. No toxic substance incorporated.

Cool Roof Paint Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Low cost - easy application - dust proof – water proof – fungus & mold resistant. No recurring maintenance cost. Roof gets cleaned automatically in rain.

High Albedo Paint in Coimbatore

The hybrid resins cross-link under UV exposure to lock in color and lock out dirt.

Uncoated roof

  • Sun's rays heats up to building
  • Uncoated roof absorbs the heat & transmits into the building
  • The Roof Temperature can rise about 8 to 20 °C during Peak summer
  • The internal room temperature raises resulting in distress, higher air-conditioning cost, release green house gases, increase urban heat island
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Coated with CoolCoat

  • Reflects 90% of Infrared rays back
  • Double Action : Reflective + Insulative.
  • Protects the building from getting hot even during peak summer and reduces upto 20°c
  • No heat enters the building, resulting in cooler rooms & less Air-conditioning cost
  • Protects the buildings from ageing Fiber Reinforced waterproofing Energy saving of up to 30%
  • Your roof looks bright & new with all the above advantages

Areas of Application

Heat Reflective Roof Paint in Coimbatore

Terrace of Commercial Buildings/Offices

Summer Cool Coating in Coimbatore

Green Buildings

Summer Cool Paint in Coimbatore


Terrace Cool Paint in Coimbatore

Shopping Malls

Terrace Cool Coating in Coimbatore


Terrace Cool Coating in Coimbatore

Air Conditioned Buildings

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White Reflective Roof Paint in Coimbatore

Oil Storage Tanks

Roof Coating in Coimbatore


Roof Paint in Coimbatore

Sintex tanks / water tanks and pipe lines

Cool Paint in Coimbatore


Cool Paint for Roof in Coimbatore

Any type of old or new sheets and RCC roofs

Performance Report

Comparative thermal performance of EXCEL CoolCoat on roofing materials. Temperatures recorded from 8 am to 8 pm.
Ambient Temperature 40°C
Coated Roof Temperature 48°C
Uncoated Roof Temperature 70°C
This result proves the continuous rejection of solar heat, preventing the roof from getting hot.

Note: The temperature indicated above is the exact temperature of roof surface recorded with the aid of LASER GUIDED INFRARED NON CONTACT THERMOMETER
Excel Cool Paint in Coimbatore

Advantages of EXCEL CoolCoat

Heat Reflective Coating in Udumalpet
  • Reflects 90% of sun's Infrared rays.
  • Reduces Roof Heat Upto 20°C during peak summer.
  • Your building remains cool even under intense sunlight conditions.
  • Your staff remain cool and maintain higher level of productivity.
  • Your humidification and air conditioning costs cut drastically upto 40%.
  • Prevents island effect. Reduces global warming.
  • Reflects 90% of sun's Infrared rays.
  • Helps in reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Resistant to water, fungus and mould.
  • Improves the efficiency of roof ventilators.
  • Ultraviolet resistant, water based, colour stable.
  • Low cost application & low maintenance.
  • Buildings & roofs looks brighter and new with all these advantages.

Application Procedure

CoolCoat's application procedure is quite simple. However, if you ever need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.


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Excel CoolCoat is a heat reflective roof coating that reflects the UV rays and IR rays which comes from the sun.

By continuously reflecting UV rays and IR rays which lies over the roof of your building, the roof itself not gets heated up. So that you can feel comfortable inside the room even at peak summer. This is the working principal of our product.

Elastic, water resistant

Durability of our product is 5 to 7 years.

Of course you can apply to walls as well. By which you can avoid the heat absorption on walls too.

No. You don’t need to use primer to apply our product.

Houses, Factories, Warehouses, Any buildings, Hospitals, Oil storage tanks, Sintex tanks, Water pipelines, Green Buildings.

You have to apply 2 coats for better results.

It is just like normal water based paint. Any painter can apply this easily.

Don’t need to use primer for applying our product. Also you don’t need any special handling. Any normal painter can apply this easily.

No, our product does not need any special maintenance. It simply gets cleaned with water.

Carbon di oxide is the primary greenhouse gas. If you use Excel CoolCoat, A/C does not require longer time to bring down the temperature. Hence we can reduce CO2 emission that emitted through A/C.

NO. Our product comes under only in white color for better reflection. Unlike dark colored roofs that retain heat and are subject to UV degradation

You can feel nearly 8 to 20 degree temperature reduction after using our product.

SRI is a Solar Reflectance Index. It is measure of solar reflectance. Lower the SRI , material become hotter in sunlight. Our product has HIGH SRI, hence it will not become hot. You can walk bare foot over your roof in afternoons.

Yes, It is a green product certified by GRIHA.

During peak summers, the A/C has to run for a longer time to bring down the room temperature. It will lead to increased power consumption. By using our product, Air-conditioners require less time to cool saving upto 30% of Electricity consumption.

Yes. You can apply CoolCoat to any surface except Glassy surfaces.

Because of using our product, buildings look brighter & new. Since, it prevents from cracks due to heat.

Yes. It is a green product certified by GRIHA. Does not have any toxic substance.

One litre of Excel CoolCoat covers 25 Sq.ft double coat.