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Excel StayCool - Transparent Heat Resistant Paint For Glass

EXCEL StayCool is an advanced Nano-technology based transparent heat resistant paint for glass, and it can effectively filter majority of the UV & IR rays emitted by the sun while still allowing most of the visible light to penetrate through the glass. It acts as a thermal barrier all-round the year, thus reducing upto 30% of air-conditioning and heating cost.

Currently, it has been attracting attention to thermal barrier glass coat as global warming measurement. By applying a thermal barrier glass coating to glass-walled building, we aim to reduce air conditioning costs upto 30 percent.

  • More than 90% Transparent/ Clear glass coating
  • Upto 70% IR filtration(Heat Reduction) and 99% UV filtration
  • Excellent glass coating for heat reduction

Product Explanation

EXCEL StayCool - Heat Resistant Paint is an advanced Nano-technology based transparent liquid glass coating which insulates the glass, and it can effectively filter majority of the UV & IR rays emitied by the sun while still allowing most of the visible light to penetrate through the glass. It acts as a thermal barrier all-round the year, thus reducing upto 30% of air-conditioning and heating cost.

This thermal insulation coating is ideal for all types of glass surface. EXCEL StayCool is capable of blocking 99% of Ultraviolet rays (UV), up to 70% of Infrared rays (IR) and maintaining more than 90% visible light transmitiance VLT).With the ability to reduce both radiant and conductive heat, EXCEL StayCool can effectively keep indoor environments cooler in summer and prevent heat loss in the winter all while allowing you to benefit from the natural daylight.

The EXCEL StayCool coated surface is highly endothermic so it can delay the occurrence of condensation as the glass increases warmth. Dew condensation suppression effect is 50% or more.

EXCEL StayCool is easily applied so it makes an ideal choice for glass replacement coatings. It is a cost effective alternate to dark window film or expensive replacement window (double glazing windows) while delivering year round energy savings coatings for glass in all climatic conditions.

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Advantages of EXCEL StayCool - Heat Resistant Paint

    Blocks 99% of UV rays, upto 70% of IR rays while still allowing more than 90% of sun's visible light transmittance.
    Reduces sun damage and fading by saving floorings and furbishing while providing all year round protection from heat & cold.
    Acts as an effective climate barrier glass coat which provides warmer rooms in winter & cooler rooms in summer.
    3-4H hardness makes it scratch resistant around the year and long lasting durability feature makes it an exemplary product.
    Cost effective solution for sun damage & also reduces air conditioning and heating cost, thus saves energy upto30%. Annual reduction of 5.6kgm2 CO2 is maintained.
Heat Reflective Coating in Secunderabad


Cool Roof Paint in Secunderabad
Upto 70% Infrared rays are cut

Reduces air conditioning usage and increases efficiency and comfort. Retains heat indoor, reduces cool draft and condensation on windows.

Heat Reflective Coating in Udumalpet
Upto 30% Energy savings & Co2 reduction

Estimated reduction of 5.6 kgm2 /annum of CO2 emission * 3.

Cool Roof Paint in Udumalpet
99% Ultraviolet rays are cut

Formulated to block off 99% sun’s UVA and UVB. Protects human skin from pigmentation and cancer. Fading and aging of valuables and furniture are reduced. Insects attracted from indoor UV lights are kept out.

Heat Reflective Paint in Coimbatore
More than 90% Visible light transmission

Reduces reflection on glass due to crystal like nature and saves artificial light during day by gathering natural light.

Heat Reflective Coating in Coimbatore
Reduces heating

Saves air-conditioning and heating cost considerably.

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10 years durability

With 3H hardness, product has a high scratch resistance, does not peel, de-metalize or require special maintenance. Possess strong binding property and does not pose any toxic dangers.

Traditional Window Film

  • Not applicable to all glass surfaces
  • Join lines are visible in large glass frames
  • Distortion of landscape stand out
  • Easily cracks when exposed to heavy weather
  • Night view is not visible due to reflection
  • Easily scratched as surface hardness is H
  • Durability is short 5-7 years
Cool Roof Paint in Coimbatore

Excel Staycool

  • Applicable to all types of uneven glass surfaces
  • Join lines are not visible when roller coated
  • No distortion of landscape
  • Withstands all year round, even in harsh weather
  • At night, glare is not visible
  • Scratch resistant as surface hardness is 3
  • Durability is 15 years

Application Procedure

  • Surface Preparation

    Surfaces must be dry and free from oil, dust, dirt, grease and loosing materials. The substrate should be clean. Use IPA to clean/degrease the surface.

  • Substrate Priming

    No priming required.

  • Application

    Stir well before use. Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours. Apply the material by curtain flow method it over the surface using pump machine provided. It is recommended to apply 1 coat of EXCEL StayCool to get the desired effect. Apply consecutive coating after complete drying of the previous quote if required.

  • Curing

    It requires 1 to 2 hours to dry in between 2 coats and 48 hours curing is adequate for complete curing. Curing can be done with IR lamp. Low temperature and high humidity will slow down the curing process. In case of expected rains, do not apply EXCEL StayCool.