Excel Roof Paint in Coimbatore


EXCEL CoolTile - Cooling Tiles for Roof

EXCEL CoolTile is a heat reflective & insulation cooling tiles for roof which will reduce heating effect of the buildings, save significant energy and adds on maintenance savings. The product is environmental friendly, commercially resourceful and suitable for various applications such as industrial projects, commercial buildings, houses, cold storages & any new/old terrace buildings.

Features of Excel CoolTile - Cooling Tiles for Roof

Reflective Cool Paint in Coimbatore
Environmental Friendly

It is made using natural law materials with green technology thereby 100% ecofriendly

Reflective Roof Coating in Coimbatore
Thermal Insulation

Acts as a complete thermal barrier by not allowing the heat to pass through the surface

Sun Reflective Paint in Coimbatore
Energy Saving

Designed to make economical use

Solar Reflective Paint in Coimbatore
Stain proof

It requires less maintenance and absolutely free from stain

Heat Reflective Glass Coating in Coimbatore
Deflect heat

Reflects IR rays to a graeter extent and keeps the building cool even during peak summers

IR UV Filtering Glass Coating in Coimbatore
Water proof

It acts as best water proofing solution thereby ensuring no leakages

IR UV Cut Coating for Glass in Coimbatore

Absolutely free from fungal and mould growth

Heat Insulating Glass Coating in Coimbatore
Anti slip

Designed to prevent slips

Infrared Glass Coating in Coimbatore
Light weight

Less weight as compared to other products

Infrared Filtering Glass Coating in Coimbatore

Resist absorption of water

UV Filtering Glass Coating in Coimbatore
Environmental friendly

It does not require a special maintenance

Heat Insulation Coating in Coimbatore

It is super strong, multicomponent tile which is highly durable

Advantages of EXCEL CoolTile - Cooling Tiles for Roof

Water Repellent Coating in Coimbatore


  • Easy to clean

  • Water repellent

  • Light weight

  • Durable

  • Anti-slip

  • Anti-fungal

  • Water-proof

  • Stain-proof

  • Deflects heat

  • Energy saving

  • Thermal insulation

  • Environmental friendly

Olio-phobic Coating in Coimbatore

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