Excel Insulx | Thermal Insulation Coating.


Excel InsulX - Thermal Insulation Coating

Excel InsulX is a one-component high build Acrylic based thermal Insulation coating. The dry film possesses superior physical properties. The dry membrane is water tight, seamless, durable, tough, flexible and weather resistant.

Excel InsulX utilizes the latest in Nano-technology to perform UV resistant membrane with excellent durability even in harsh/hot Tropical & Middle East climatic conditions.

Excel InsulX - Thermal Insulation is a first of its kind elastic pure insulation coating which can be applied on the interior or exterior of the new or existing roofs, plastered walls, pipelines and storage tanks to stop the penetration of the heat/cold through the coated surface. Using innovative Nano based technology, the ultra-thin insulation coating provides up to 40% energy savings.

Advantages of EXCEL InsulX - Thermal Insulation Coating

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  • Excellent service life up to 10 years.
  • Saves up to 40% in humidified and air-conditioned / heated areas.
  • Acts as a climatic barrier all-round the year. Prevents heat from entering the building during hot summer and prevents cold from entering inside during winters.
  • Excellent result in both hot and cold weathers.
  • Can be tinted to any desired colors for internal application.
  • Formulated to withstand harsh Tropical & Middle East climatic conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly and non-hazardous Green product.
  • Highly flexible and UV resistant
  • Using innovative Nano technology. EXCEL InsulX is formulated into a thin film coating about 1-5mm which can effectively insulate in both cold and hot weather conditions.

Areas of Application

waterproof coating for roof

Hot plants & Equipments

Households & Commercial Buildings

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Industrial sheds, Cisterns & Furnances

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Storage Vessels & Engines

Seal Coatings

Boilers, Holding tanks/Tanks

self cleaning coating

Industrial pipelines

Application Procedure

  • Surface Preparation

    Surfaces must be dry and free from oil, dust, dirt, grease and loosing materials. The substrate should be firm, in case of gaps and cracks fill with suitable sealant and ensure the surface is level.

  • Substrate Priming

    Primer not required. Suitable water based primer can be used if required.

  • Application

    Stir well before use. Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours. Apply the material using brush or roller. A second coat is applied at right angle after the first coat is dry. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of EXCEL InsulX to get a dry film thickness of approximate 1 mm. Multiple coats can be applied to achieve higher thickness as per the requirement.

  • Curing

    It requires 4 - 5 hours to dry in between 2 coats and 72 hours curing is adequate for foot traffic. Low temperature and high humidity will slow down the curing process. 7 days are required to attain full strength. In case of expected rains, do not apply EXCEL InsulX.