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Transparent Heat Reflective Glass Coating – EXCEL StayCool

What is the best glass coating for cars and windows.

EXCEL StayCool is an advanced Nano-technology based transparent liquid glass coating for cars windows. house windows and other glass surfaces. Excel StayCool can effectively filter the majority of the UV & IR rays emitted by the sun. While still allowing most of the visible light to penetrate through the glass. 

Advantages of StayCool glass coating

  1. Blocks 85 % UV & 90 % IR rays while allowing80 % visible light to pass through the glass surface.
  2. Gives ultimate protection by reducing sun damage, saving floorings and furnishings.
  3. Acts as an effective climate barrier glass coat by providing cooler rooms in winter & vice-versa.
  4. It is scratch resistant as it has 3-4H hardness which makes it a long lasting product.
  5. Energy saving and cost-effective solution for sun damage, air-conditioning and heating cost.

The EXCEL StayCool surface is highly endothermic so it can delay the occurrence of condensation as the glass increases warmth.

Areas of Application

EXCELStayCool is easily applied so it makes an ideal choice for glass coating. Dew condensation suppression effect is 50% or more.

It is also cost-effective alternate to dark window film or expensive replacement window (double glazing window) while delivering year-round energy savings in all climatic conditions.

This thermal insulation glass coating is ideal for all types of glass surface. EXCEL StayCool is capable of blocking 85 % of Ultraviolet rays(UV), up to 90 % of Infrared rays (IR) and maintaining more than 80 % visible light transmittance (VLT).

With the ability to reduce both radiant and conductive heat, EXCEL StayCool can effectively keep indoor environments cooler in summer and prevent heat loss in the winter all while allowing you to benefit from daylight.

The energy savings are up to 25% with this heat reflective glass coating. Annual reduction of 5.6 Kgm2 Co2 is maintained.

This coating can be used for high rise buildings, glass manufacturing, skylights, automotive, commercial buildings, aerospace, and defense.

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