Super Hydrophobic Coating


Super Hydrophobic Coating – EXCEL NanoSeal

What is water repellent coating 

A water repellent coating is a paint that prevents penetration of water into your houses and buildings. EXCEL NanoSeal is the best super hydrophobic water repellent coating for stone and walls that will aid you in repelling water. It provides water repellency and leaks proof coating within 8 hours of application. The coating further improves over 48 hours of application.

Properties of Excel NanoSeal – Super hydrophobic coating

EXCELNanoSeal is a colourless liquid. The waterproof coating forms an excellent weather coat for all type of walls and stone surfaces. Conventional water repellents give only short-term protection by forming a surface film but Excel NanoSeal provides long term protection from leaks and cracks.

Long term protection is possible only by Nanosized water repellent, which penetrates up to 4-5mm into the surface providing a capillary coating. This kind of waterproof coating prevents structural damage thus making the coated surface strong from within.

Prevents electrical shocks due to wet leaking roofs. It also offers excellent surface penetration protection to the porous surfaces by preventing corrosion of reinforced steel used in construction thus enhancing the life of buildings.

The super hydrophobic water repellent coating reacts with the atmospheric moisture, thereby generating active resin while liberating moisture. Thus, Excel NanoSeal creates resistant against fungus, moulds, mildew and leaching.

Prevents ageing, scaling and salt burst - An unprotected building can absorb over 1 litre of water per sq. ft. in 6 hours. A concrete block can absorb 2 litres of water. However, if you apply Excel NanoSeal coating, you can prevent this from happening.

What happens if you don't apply Excel NanoSeal

The rainwater absorption causes multiple damages to the buildings such as penetration of water through the walls, cracks caused by swelling & shrinkage, destruction of concrete by corrosion of reinforced steel, lime leaching, chemical corrosion, etc.

The overall shelf life of any building, stone or walls is reduced and making it highly unsafe to reside or work. Thus save your houses and buildings by using Excel NanoSeal - Super hydrophobic coating.

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