Heat reflective Roof Paint


EXCEL CoolCoat - Heat reflective Roof Paint

What is heat reflective roof paint

EXCEL CoolCoat is a heat reflective roof paint to reduce heat on the roof during summers. It is a reflective paint for exterior walls and first of its kind cool roof technology in India.

You must be thinking, is there a paint that reflects heat? Yes, EXCEL CoolCoat is a water-based, high solid, PUD hybrid Roof coating that repels heat. 

Contents of Excel CoolCoat

Excel CoolCoat is a heat reflective roof coating that contains both reflection and Nano insulation pigments that offer best in class heat protection. Furthermore, with the addition of adhesion enhancer & Nano UV protectors, the paint delivers excellent weather sustainability and longer service life. In addition, heat reflective roof paint is enhanced with micro-fibers that provides excellent waterproofing & crack resistance. 

It comes with reflection, insulation, and waterproofing. It also acts as a metal roof heat reduction. It is the time proven and tested the paint to reduce heat on the roof.

Properties of Excel CoolCoat - Heat reflective roof paint 

1. EXCEL CoolCoat contains high-performance Nano-insulating material that efficiently protects your house and prevents heat from entering inside. 

2. Contains high-end Nano UV protectors which protect the coating from aging & degrading within a few years. 

3. Contains addition enhancers which provide excellent addition property across a variety of surfaces. 

4. Contains reinforced microfibers for excellent waterproofing & crack resistance 

5. Time tested, field proven & highest exported Heat Reflective Coating from India. 

Applications of Excel CoolCoat - Heat reflective roof paint.

It is used for different surfaces such as cement, asbestos, GI roof, RCC roof, polycarbonate, plastic, tiles, aluminum, etc.

After applying this heat reflective roof paint, your rooms remain cool and you will not feel summer inside. EXCEL CoolCoat is the best paint available in India that reflects heat.

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