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Excel Insulx- Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation and its uses

Excel InsuLX is a revolutionary thermal insulation paint manufactured by Xlcoatings. It has multiple areas of application, including commercial buildings, industries, mechanical engines, pipes, boiler rooms, and many other similar places. We have listed the industrial as well as household applications, and it’s advantages and characteristics below.

Product Explanation

In the recent times everyone from the construction field be it architects or builders are becoming more conscious about the various advantages and uses of this paint. An important factor about Excel InsuLX is that it helps in drastically reducing the consumption of fuel thereby preserving our environment and protecting other elements from the weather. For this very advantage everyone in India is today opting for Excel InsuLX for their construction business. We today have listed down some of the most important uses of it in construction. Read below to know more about the it's advantages.

thermal insulation

Thermal insulation advantage

Decreases the heating cost

The heating of a home is aimed at creating the thermal condition that we often call as comfortable living conditions contemplating for any thermal loses to the environment. When a building is thermally insulated with thermal insulation sheet it means that these losses are less and hence the need for heating the room or building & consumption of fuel also gets reduced. Research has shown that about 60% of the energy that is required to heat the building can be easily saved up by the application of a proper thermal insulation glass.

Creating a condition of thermal comfort

The feeling of comfort generally depends upon the temperature inside the building and also depends upon the temperature in your surroundings. For those rooms that are not insulated often feel cold even temperature is high. The reason for this lies on the drafts shaped when air becomes cold fleeting through cold surfaces. When insulating a building, its surfaces (walls etc.) have only a minor temperature difference with the air, thus giving no rise to draft belongings. So the heating here needs to achieve comfortable conditions in an insulated building. Thermal insulation for walls is the best way to feel comfortable during the cold seasons.

Environmental protection

Application of thermal paint in a building leads to considerable savings as it helps in energy and fuel consumption. When less fuel is consumed it automatically reduces the pollution caused in the environment. As per our recent study, it has been proven that the emitted CO2 gases by a building that comprises of thermal insulation paint is much lesser as compared to a building that is not insulated. These properties of thermal insulation are a major reason for their popularity.

Reduced cost for heating or using an air conditioner with thermal insulation in buildings

Installing a thermal insulator is always beneficial as it comprises of a heating system in your building that helps in overcoming the losses to environment and most importantly helps in maintaining a steady environment desired by you. When you relax in a steady environment you will eventually save up on unwanted costs. This is so because thermal insulation for roof & your building enables the use of a more efficient and most importantly a cheaper heating system.

Characteristics of Excel InsuLX

  • Quick Installation
  • No loss of space
  • Up to 10 years of service life
  • Reflects major UV radiation coming from the sun
  • Maintains the overall internal temperature
  • Can be used in any climatic condition.

Further Questions

While these were some of the uses of thermal insulation, many still have common doubts and questions in mind, such as:

  • What is thermal insulation used for?
  • What material is the best thermal insulator?
  • What is thermal insulation of building?
  • What is the best insulation material for a house?

Visit our Thermal insulation coating page to find out answers to the above mentioned questions

Areas of Application

Hot plants & Equipments

Hot plants & Equipments

Households & Commercial Buildings

Households & Commercial Buildings

Industrial sheds, Cisterns & Furnances

Industrial sheds, Cisterns & Furnances

Storage Vessels & Engines

Storage Vessels & Engines

Boilers, Holding tanks/Tanks

Boilers, Holding tanks/Tanks

Industrial pipelines

Industrial pipelines

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