Excel Cool Coat - Cool paint on roof

Advantages of using Cool Paint on Roof

In case if you reside in India, choosing the wrong kind of paint for your roof can make your summer incredibly hot and shall leave you and your family members overheated and uncomfortable. This is when cool paint on roof are helpful.

They help in combating the rising temperatures during hot climates, while at the same time provide you with an opportunity to save on your air-conditioning costs and at the same time offer you a cool environment to live in.Cool Paint on Roof in India are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortable during the summers without having to bear excessive bills for electricity.

Product Explanation

Excel CoolCoat is a paint for roof tiles are generally designed to reflect sunlight and observe less heat. As compared to the traditional paints, a cool paint or reflective paint has the capability of high solar reflectance. This means that your roof will have a higher ability to reflect the sunrays and thus reflect more sunlight as compared to that of the traditional paints. Using a cool paint on your roof leads to high thermal emittance, which has the capability to radiate absorbed heat back into the air and away from your household.

Cool Paint on Roof

Advantages of Cool Paint on Roof

Bear lower energy costs

When you use a Cool Paint on Roof top it means that less heat will be transmitted into your house. This will lead to keeping your house cooler and hence you will have to run less towards your air-conditioning system, thereby decreasing the energy costs. This is probably one of the greatest advantage for Cool Paint on Roof.

It offers better convenience

A cooler house throughout the warmer months of the year is always more comfortable. Using a cool coat paint for roof will ensure to offer you this convenience even if you do not use any air conditioner or cooler in your house. This is because cool paints fluctuate less & comprise of reflective qualities. Using a summer Cool Paint on Roof or a cooling sheet for roof will always ensure to offer you more convenience.

Extended roofing life

Excessive heat can cause easy degradation of your roofing especially when your roof is in direct exposure to the sun. When you use a cool paint it ensures that your roof does not directly come in contact to the harmful sun rays thereby increasing its life. Besides this, they also require lower roof maintenance costs and prolong the life span of the roof beyond traditional roofing or painting owing to their reflective and protective qualities. To check out the best cool coat for roof paint.

Areas of Application


Home(Public Houses)






Terrace of Commercial Buildings/Offices

Oil Storage Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks(Water Tanks)

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls(Restaurants)


Factories(Industrial Properties)



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