Cool Paint for Roof- Excel CoolCoat

Everything you Need to Know About Cool Paint for Roof

If you reside in an area that comprises of many hot days it is possible that your dark colored shingles can add excessive heat to your house interiors. And this excessive heat can in turn end up increasing your cooling costs particularly during the peak times like the late afternoon when electricity providers are more vulnerable to problems such as blackouts. Thankfully to save you from this problem, there is a solution that can be really helpful. That solution are cool roof coating paint for roof. As per a recent study it was found that cool roof coating can help in decreasing the cooling loads for home interiors.

Product Explanation of Cool Paint for Roof

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when purchasing cool paint for roof is that it comes in two different varieties. These varieties are Cementitious coatings that are made up of concrete and ceramic materials. The other one hour Elastomer coatings that comprise of additional polymers to keep the coating less brittle and more resistant to water.
When applying a cool roof coating you must keep in mind that you do not apply a cementitious coatings on services that have not been prepped well with a waterproof solution.
All types of best cool paint for roof can help in improving the solar reflectance of your room’s surfaces. This in turn will help in decreasing your electricity bills. There are many cool paint that also comprise of UV resistant materials which can help in increasing the lifespan of your roof.

Cool Paint for Roof- Excel CoolCoat

How to Choose Cool Paint for Roof

You Need to Identify a good candidate for these coatings. if Your Room is Right for Cool Coating

Not every room is suitable or is For example if you reside in an area that comprises of shorter summers and colder winters, it is a possibility that cooling paint can lead to an increase in your energy bills. This is so because the reflective surfaces still offset the heat during winters when solar heat gain could provide some relief due to high heating bills. Also make sure you always choose a summer roof coating.

Check the Humidity

You need to keep in mind the average humidity in your area before you decide to embark upon your decision or using cool roof paint for metal roof coating as it can draw excessive amount of moisture since there’s not too much heat to evaporate the water away. For example if you reside in an area comprises of shorter summers and colder winters, it is a possibility that cool top roof coating paints can lead to an increase in your energy bills.

Advantages of Cool Paint for Roof

Using cool paint for roof for your workplace or residence can be extremely beneficial if you keep in mind the above factors. Besides this, also make sure that you find the best cool roof coating providers to help you avail its benefits.

Characteristics of Excel CoolCoat-Cool Paint for Roof

  • Save on electricity bills
  • Water based environmental friendly
  • Provides water proofing along with cooling
  • More endurance and extra performance's
  • Keeps dirt away from the applied surface

Areas of Application


Home(Public Houses)






Terrace of Commercial Buildings/Offices

Oil Storage Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks(Water Tanks)

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls(Restaurants)


Factories(Industrial Properties)



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