Opt for the Best Cool Roof Paint

Were you aware of the fact that almost 70 percent of the heat that enters your house or building is through a roof? This is one of the major reasons why roofs get heated easily. For this reason it becomes important to block the harmful sun radiations at the roof itself. The best way to do so is by opting for a paint that usually comes in a white color. This type of paint is popularly known to reflect heat and improve the cooling effect in the house.

These paints are created in a way that they easily absorb the sunlight & also reflect more as compared the other standard paints. You can also apply an additional costing on the machineries & engines so as to keep the heat away.

These are called as cool roof paints or summer cool paint. They are the best option in lowering the temperatures of machines as well thereby making them easy to handle. They are surely a must for your home especially during the hot and humid seasons in India! Opting for the best cool roof paint ensures a comfortable stay in these seasons.

Product Explanation

Excel CoolCoat can be used to cool your houses or your work place. Besides this, these paints also help in decreasing the temperature of the environment.

Another great advantage of using a weather paint is that they can help in decreasing and curbing the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungus on the roofs and also protect the walls of your houses.

best cool roof paint

Advantages of Cool Roof Paint

  • These paints are highly considered as a beneficial material by many people living in the urban areas. They also help in decreasing the emission and effects of greenhouse gases thereby protecting the environment

  • Best cool roof paint India also have an appealing personality. When you apply these pains on the roofs of your buildings or houses it makes them look brighter and newer.

  • If you are facing problems like leakage, then these are considered to be the best leak proof heat reflective roof paint. Besides this, roof paints also help in decreasing the usage of power which in turn brings down your electricity bills

  • The best advantage of using summer paint is that they do not comprise of any solvents and hence are very easy to clean.


Characteristics of EXCEL CoolCoat - Best Cool Roof Paint

  • These summer cool paint for roof also are non-toxic in nature and are thus considered as an eco-friendly paint. Your roof will get automatically clean during the rainy season which helps in decreasing the cleaning hassles for you..
  • The best part about cool coat roof paints by XL Coatings is that they are easily available in the market and that too at an affordable rate.
  • These best cool roof paint are manufactured in a way so as to extend the life of any new or existing material. Opting for the best cool roof paint will ensure a decrease in your room temperature by up to 20°C. For the best cool roof paint India, visit our product page

Areas of Application


Home(Public Houses)






Terrace of Commercial Buildings/Offices

Oil Storage Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks(Water Tanks)

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls(Restaurants)


Factories(Industrial Properties)



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