Self maintenance Nano coating


Self Maintenance Nano Coating for Solar Panels – EXCEL StayClean

What is Excel StayClean - Self maintenance nano coating

EXCEL StayClean is a one-component self-cleaning coating used to clean solar panels.The dry film possesses superior anti-Static and Decomposing property. 

EXCEL StayClean is an easy-to-apply, single-step application coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Through its anti-static properties, it prevents dust and debris build up.

It utilizes the latest in anti-static and weather resistance technology to perform dustproof and dust repellent coating reduction decomposition and UV resistant with excellent durability even in harsh/dusty/ hot Middle East climatic conditions.

 It is also self-cleaning given its hydrophilic properties, which allows unwanted particles to be easily removed with only water rather than harsh chemical cleaners.

Features of Excel StayClean-Self maintenance Nano coating

  • Single Component
  • Solvent-Based
  • Solar Panels for reducing dust settling and self-clean properties.
  • Glass facades for self-cleaning and reducing water spotting.
  • Hospitals and hotels for hygiene and anti-fouling.
  • Public places and toilets for anti-fouling and hygiene.

Creates a super-hydrophilic surface allowing water to wash away contaminants, gives a high cleaning performance. Because of anti-static property, dust particles are not attracted, thus reduces dust build up to 50%.

Excel StayClean - Solar Panel Cleaner is completely transparent and does not change the appearance of solar panels. Triggered by light energy, organic compounds decompose on a molecular level. Light transmittance is not compromised due to a very clear and transparent finish coating.

Reduces the need for building/PV panels cleaning & maintenance. The ultra-thin anti-reflective clear coating which increases the efficiency of the PV panel. Areas of application include glass facades, solar panels & public transportation.

The working principle is that the oil content in the smog adheres to the coated surface. Dust particles are attracted by the oil content and deposited on the surface. After UV radiation, the coating oxidizes and breaks down oil components and loosens dust particles. The loosened dirt and oil are easily washed away by rain.

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