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High SRI Paint - Excel CoolCoat

What is High SRI (solar reflective index) Paint

EXCEL CoolCoat is a High SRI Reflective Cool Roof Paint and while choosing a Cool Roof Coating, SRI Index is the key. SRI is termed as solar reflective index and is used to determine the heat reflecting capacity or power of a roof cooling paint. The lower the SRI value, the hotter a material is likely to become in the sun.

How is SRI value calculated

SRI is calculated with a complex formula spelled out as per ASTM standards and is a measure of a roof’s combined thermal properties. The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is a measure of the solar reflectance and emissivity of materials that can be used as an indicator of how hot they are likely to become when solar radiation is incident on their surface. 

SRI is a unit developed by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. SRI incorporates reflectivity and emissivity properties into one, easy-to-read, standardized measure so that roof buyer won’t have to scratch their heads and try to figure out if a high reflectivity and low emissivity is better or worse than a medium reflectivity and high emissivity.

Factors affecting SRI value calculation

SRI can be calculated based on the pitch of a roof, its weight, its solar reflectance, thermal emittance (emissivity) and its aging characteristics. Normally reflective coating contains only reflective pigments which work on the basis of reflection.

In the current scenario, carbon & fine dust settling is very high, which when settles over the coated surface spoils the reflectivity of the coating. Thus the coating fails & desired performance is not achieved. To prevent this failure, EXCEL CoolCoat contains high-performance Nano-insulating material to efficiently protect heat from entering inside.

Contents of Excel CoolCoat

It contains high-end Nano UV protectors which protect the coating from aging & degrading within a few years. This high SRI heat reflective coating has reinforced microfibers for excellent waterproofing and cracks resistance.

It also contains addition enhancers which provide excellent addition property across a variety of surfaces. It is a time tested, field proven & highest exported High SRI Paint in India.

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